Muscle Stimulator


The Compex FIT is your ideal partner for your fitness routine. It offers a simplified approach to electrostimulation. Exercise sessions are pre-set, you just need to select your goal and to follow the guide to 'Firm thighs', 'Reduce waist', 'Sculpt' buttocks', 'Tone shoulder' and 'Prevent cellulite'.

GET FIT Recommended by fitness professionals
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To complete your sport session, Compex FIT enables you to target the most sensitive areas of your body: abs, thighs, buttocks, arms with specific programmes for visible, long-lasting results. The usage protocols are directly integrated into the stimulator.

  • 6 plans of attack directly integrated in the stimulator for specific objectives.
  • One wellness category with 7 programmes
  • 4 channels for complete work sessions.
  • LCD screen with backlighting for easy viewing in all situations.
  • The "Easy Snap" connection system allowing you to connect the cable to the electrode with one hand, simply by pressing (even for the back!).
  • The "i" button enables you to:
    • increase the energies on several channels simultaneously
    • access information screens when you want (electrode placement images of programme explanations)
  • Technology mi™ (muscle intelligence):no
  • mi-Sensor:no
  • mi-Scan:no
  • mi-Action:no
  • mi-TENS:no
  • mi-Range:no
  • Back-lit screen:yes
  • Motor point pen:Option
  • 4 independent channels:yes
  • Electrodes EasySnap™ :yes
  • Operating on battery:yes
  • Rapid charger:no
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Your stimulator comes in a very practical carrier pouch including: -

  • 1 stimulator
  • 1 battery
  • 1 charger
  • 1 set of Snap connection white stimulation cables, with colour indicators (blue, green, yellow, red)
  • 2 bags of small electrodes (5x5cm)
  • 2 bags of large electrodes (5x10cm)
  • 1 belt clip
  • 1 user manual
  • 1 specific applications manual
  • 1 quick start-up guide

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FIRM YOUR BUTTOCKS Sculpt your buttocks
You want to shape your buttocks

The buttocks are one of the so-called "problem" areas of the female body. This is due to the elasticity of the tissues and the specific structure of the adipose cells. These two phenomena encourage the accumulation of fat and water, resulting in flabbiness and an orange-peel appearance. The buttocks muscles alone take up the entire back region of the pelvis - it is their tone which can avoid the slackening of the buttocks and the negative effect on the figure which results from this.

The objective of Shaping your buttocks consists of working on the buttocks muscles by making them do a specific activity that helps improve their firmness and gives them a rounded and shaped appearance.
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Position du corps
SHAPE YOUR BODYDevelop the shoulder muscles
You wish to develop your shoulder muscles

The profile of the shoulders is primarily due to the deltoid muscle, the volume of which constitutes the visible rounded part of this region. The volume of a muscle is developed by making the muscle do intensive work of sufficient quantity to cause the muscle fibres to enlarge.
The goal "Develop your shoulder muscles" enables the deltoid muscles to be made the targets of high intensity work so as to obtain a visible and harmonious enlargement of the volume of the shoulder muscles.
Placement des électrodes
Position du corps
 Firm your thighs
You wish to firm your thighs

The thigh muscles are among those placed under the greatest stress during locomotory movement such as walking, and to an even greater extent during physical activities that involve running, jumping, movement through water, etc. A sedentary lifestyle impairs the quality of these muscles, so that they become increasingly slack and no longer perform their supporting function correctly, which results in the thighs having a flabby and plump appearance.

The goal "Firm your thighs" has the objective of submitting the muscles of progressively greater levels of activity, thus enabling restoration and/or maintenance of a muscle tone that can improve the thigh firmness and appearance.
Placement des électrodes
Position du corps
 Tone your arms
You wish to tone your arms

In women, the anatomical region of the arms, particularly the triceps muscles, is a locations where fat readily accumulates and the skin easily becomes saggy. This sagging is in part due to muscular insufficiency and to the particular thinness of the skin. The natural ageing of the skin, which is very much promoted by prolonged and repeated exposure to the sun, is associated with a decrease in the control exerted by the biceps and triceps muscles resulting in a progressive sagging of the tissues and a flabby appearance that is most frequently visible on the posterior part of the arms.
The goal "Tone your arms" offers a progressive stimulation of the arm muscles, which is able to restore good muscle tone.
Placement des électrodes
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TONE YOUR ABSSlim your waist

You want to reduce your waistline

To maintain or restore a satisfactory body image, stimulation of the abdominal muscles is of particular relevance. In fact, the tone of the muscle fibres of which these muscles are formed normally enables the muscles to support and hold the organs in place. When the tone becomes inadequate, as is generally the case when these muscles are not stimulated sufficiently due to lack of appropriate physical activity, their supporting role is not properly assured, which has negative consequences for the figure, such as the appearance of rolls of fat around waist and a soft and sometimes protruding stomach.

The goal "Reduce your waistline" subjects the abdominal wall muscles to appropriate and progressive stimulation, thus enabling a slimmer waist and firmer stomach to be regained.
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